COVID:  How we are keeping our students and studio community safe.

Things we are doing:

* Wearing a mask at all times in the studio.

* Frequent hand washing.

* Workstations are 6ft apart

* Set of basic hand tools are available at each station to minimize sharing of tools as much as possible.

* Tools and surfaces are cleaned and sanitized after each use/class.

* Our class demos are done using technology and a large screen to enable everyone to keep a 6ft distance.

* Students are able to participate in live class from home via Zoom if they feel more comfortable.

We ask that you:

* Wear a mask at all times in the studio.

* Wash your hands upon arriving.

* Place used tools in designated areas.

* Attempt to maintain 6ft apart when possible.

* Stay home if you are sick or have been in contact with someone who is sick.


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