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Please text us a few days before the Friday class you are planning to attend so that we know who is attending.


This is a loosely structured Friday afternoon class, offering students a fun time to work on independent projects or that week's suggested project/challenge with the assistance of an instructor. We will provide occasional teacher demos.  

Challenges are a way for you to think outside of the box and challenge yourself.  There is no right way to be inspired by something.  When we say create a piece inspired by, go with whatever comes to mind.  The fun part is that this will be different for everyone.



Students are responsible for deciding what supplies are needed for their independent projects and for any challenges. Suggested materials will be noted for any specific projects listed.  Always bring the typical soldering and polishing materials you use.



Beginning jewelry or higher. Students must have the fundamentals of metalsmithing.  We will not be teaching new skills (sawing, soldering, stone setting etc.). This is a project based class.

Guided Studio - Single Class

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