8 hours, $165 (doesn't include materials)

Approximate cost of materials is $35 + stones


In this intermediate-advanced level workshop, you will learn how to create a multi-stone cabochon ring with multiple design elements as pictured above.  Skills taught include soldering, bezel creation and cabochon setting.


Students must have completed beginning jewelry or the equivalent in order to register for this class.


KP Studio will provide hammers, mandrels, punches, torches and pliers.  


PREREQUISITE: Beginning jewelry or equivalent experience


  • 1ft - 16g silver rope wire
  • 1ft - 3/16in silver scalloped or serrated bezel wire
  • 6in - 12g silver round wire
  • 1 piece - 1.5x3in 20g silver sheet
  • 1 - silver flower or similar decorative element (no bigger than 10mm)
  • 3 cabochons
    • 1 - quarter size (no larger) - round, oval or freeform (no sharp corners)
    • 1 - dime size (no larger) - round, oval or freeform (no sharp corners)
    • 1 - round 3mm or 4mm
    • 2 - round 3mm or 4mm silver bezel cups
  • Cupronil spray flux
  • Hard, Medium and Easy solder
  • Polishing discs (whatever polishing attachments you typically use in the flex shaft.  Example: bristle discs)



This class will be taught by Jen Derickson of Delphi Designs.

Multi-Stone Cabochon Ring with Design Elements, Sunday, October 27, 9am-5pm


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