ADVanced Fabrication

Advanced Fabrication   

3 Class Options:   

1.)  In Person:  8 Weeks, 3 hours/week, $235 +materials.

2.)  Zoom Plus:  8 weeks live lessons via zoom from the comfort of your home plus 16 hours of studio time.  (This option allows you to participate in the live class and schedule studio time to come in during less busy hours), $235 + materials.

3.). Zoom Only:  8 weeks of live lessons via zoom from the comfort of your home.  $195 + materials.  


Due to Covid, our in person classes are limited to 5 students.  Students who choose the zoom classes will be seeing the demos live along with the the in person students. They  will be able to ask questions and participate in live class. All studio time is scheduled to prevent the studio from getting crowded.

In this class,  students will continue to refine and build on the skills learned in the beginning and intermediate classes while learning new techniques.  We will make 4 pieces and each lesson will guide you through the design and fabrication process of a specific techniques.  The pictures below are samples of the projects in this class. 


Students will learn the following techniques:

*boxes/containers       *hinge construction       *hollow form fabrication              

*alternative basket fabrication and setting.

Students must have taken beginning and intermediate jewelry classes or have equivalent experience.

10 hours of studio time is included in your class registration.  Studio time must be used within 90 days of the last class.