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Michelle Moyer - Owner and Instructor

Thanks for checking out KP Studio!  My name is Michelle (Haumont) Moyer and I am the owner of KP Studio and the artist behind Michelle Haumont Jewelry.  

I began my adventures in metalsmithing in 2011 when I took my first metalsmithing class and was immediately hooked.  Within a year, I quit my job to pursue my craft full time and in 2013, I began teaching.  I was fortunate in 2016, when the stars all aligned allowing me to open KP Studio.  Continuing to grow and learn is important to me and in 2018, I took a comprehensive stone setting class with Blaine Lewis at New Approach School For Jewelers in Arlington, Tennessee.

When I opened KP Studio my goal was to create a community of metalsmiths.  I wanted it to be a place for people to come to learn the craft.  Not just from our instructors but also from each other.  I wanted everyone who walked through the door to feel welcome in a friendly and non-competitive environment where we all support one another.  I feel like I have watched this dream become a reality and I am so grateful to everyone who has played a role in giving my dream life.  Thank you!

Special thanks to my wife (Amy), daughter (Natalie), mom (Lorraine) and brother (Steve) for all your endless love, patience and support!

You can check out my jewelry or read interviews with me at:

Michelle Haumont Jewelry

Bunky Boutique Interview with Michelle

New Times 100 Creatives: Michelle Moyer

Metalsmith Classes, Jewelry Class, Make Jewelry, Soldering

Jen Derickson - Instructor and Studio Assistant

Jen has always had a love of art.  Her first ceramics class was in high school, leading her to study Fine Arts and Ceramics at NAU.  Jen became hooked on metalsmithing after taking her first jewelry class.  She dedicated hours to learning the craft, spending time in the studio soaking up knowledge and experimenting with metals.  She now creates art that she loves to wear.  She is passionate about the energy vibration in crystals.  Often, when designing custom pieces, she helps the client pick the stones by doing an oracle reading with them.

She is also passionate about teaching and helps students learn to be resourceful and think outside the box.  She is full of handy metalsmithing tricks too!

Jen's work can be found at:


instagram:  @delphidesigns

Zara Bish - Studio Coordinator

Zara is your all-around creative. She found her talents with art at a young age, exploring everything from painting, fashion design​, fiber arts, to jewelry design. She has spent the last 15 years working in Graphic Design. 

Zara fell in love with metalsmithing after taking classes at KP Studio. She has spent the last few years learning different techniques and developing her style. She enjoys challenging herself with creating modern one-of-a-kind pieces. 

She believes everyone is creative and loves helping others find their creative spark!

Zara's work can be found at:


instagram:  @zarabishjewelry


Studio Cats









Our studio cats are strays that we've taken in from the neighborhood. For the last six years we have worked with organizations to get as many cats spayed and neutered as possible. Many cats used to come and go from our studio but these four adopted us and now live in our studio full time. They bring so much joy and laughter to our space. You can follow them on Instagram @kittiesofkpstudio

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