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A traditional 108 bead mala handmade with beautiful earthy natural gemstones.  

Our malas are strung and knotted on double nylon cord.  Nylon is strong and does not fray, break and stretch as easily as silk cord.  Nylon is cruelty free.

Our malas can be worn long or can be doubled up with the brass s hook (included with the mala) to wear shorter as a double strand.  Worn long, the mala hangs approximately 22in.

This mala contains 6mm gemstones, small brass spacer beads and comes together with a large green agate set in brass in place of a tassel and guru bead.  The green agate setting is handmade with 16g brass wire.

Stones and Spiritual Info:

Tibetan Agate

spiritual healing & cleansing / promotes good fortune, health & long life / improves concentration / transforms negative energy to positive / grounding / enhances perception

Galaxy Tiger Eye

helps with grounding & centering / promotes strength, protection & luck / stimulates action / helps focus the mind / dispels fear / helps with decision making

Green Agate

enhances mental function & concentration / soothing & calming / rebalances the mind, body & soul / heals inner anger & tension / attracts good fortune & helps manifest your destiny


enhances memory & stimulates intellect / attracts wealth & abundance  / helps with inspiration / enhances willpower / protects against negative energy / encourages new ways of thinking


increases self-esteem & self-confidence / encourages self-expression / opens intuition / improves concentration & joy / stone of abundance, manifestation, wealth & success

Rudraksha Seed

enhances focus, clarity & memory / increases abundance & prosperity / balances nervous system, relieving anxiety / increases stamina


Your mala will come packaged in a linen pouch and box along with a card with the spiritual meanings of the stones.  The spiritual meanings are intended for you to use as you wish and are in no way a guarantee and should not be used in the place of professional advice.


Please Note:  Colors may vary slightly depending on your computer monitor.

Green Agate Mala with Tiger Eye, Tibetan Agate, Pyrite and Citrine

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